2018 Year in Review

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The year 2018 is drawing to a close as the fighting between Republicans and Democrats continues. As a result, many key issues are not resolved…immigration, “The Wall” and excessive debt…to name a few.

The press, and their distorted news coverage from all sides, continues to shield our citizens from the truth. Sad! We have real problems that need to be solved by both parties.

Mueller investigation

This committee–all 15 of them–continues to look for a crime. To date, there are no tangible results linking the President to the so-called Russian election collusion. According to the legal experts, “collusion” is not a crime even if it occurred, which it did not.


The Democratic House has proposed more hearings including impeachment of the President. The American people are tired of disputing election results in the courts and endless non-productive hearings.

Kavanaugh hearings

The Kavanaugh hearings were an embarrassment for the Senate and the American people. The Democrats paid a heavy price in the Senate elections. I hope future “hearings” will be more productive.

Tax bill

We are now seeing the results of the tax cuts. People have more money to spend for their families. Congress now needs to make these changes permanent.

Forest fires

For years, the federal government has run its ad campaigns featuring Smokey the Bear. “Only you can prevent forest fires,” he says.

Unfortunately, this is only partially true. They forget the impact of state and federal governments’ role in preventing forest fires. Proper forest management has been under assault for the last 50 years. The results have been tragic with loss of life and fires that have had a major impact on our environment.

Urban areas are vulnerable to uncontrolled fires, ala Santa Rosa in 2017. The whole city could have gone up in flames. We have the opportunity to minimize future loss of life and damage by permitting state and federal governments to pursue strong forest management programs. Even the environmentalists finally agree that action must be taken to reduce risks.


We have real problems facing our country. They can only be solved by working together and doing what’s right for all Americans. We have a right to expect Washington to do its job and solve the problems we face.

Be Kind!

As we enter a new year we need more kindness and less partisan bickering. Let’s all of us take this opportunity to better understand other peoples’ challenges. In short, be kind!

Take the time to drop a note to an old friend, call them up, wish them a Happy New Year. Time goes by quickly. Use your time wisely.

America is a great country. Let’s make it even greater!