Happy New Year

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When one reflects on 2018 and its many successes, we have much to be thankful for. A few highlights:


Our economy is booming. Record low unemployment levels…by most standards we have full employment. If you want a job, you can find one. You see “Help Wanted” signs every place; on the sides of trucks, billboards, in store windows.


We Achieved Energy Independence in 2018!!!

This was accomplished via American know-how, in spite of liberal opposition. The result of this success is low energy costs across the board, including natural gas and gasoline. This means more money in the customer’s pocket.

Contrast this with France with their $7 per gallon price on fuel due to their anti-energy agenda.

The Tax Cut

The impact of the tax cuts is being displayed in many ways:

  • Employers passing out significant bonuses to their workers.
  • $1,000 to $2,000 more take home pay per worker.
  • More optimism in the economy.


Excessive regulations have had an oppressive impact on business and life in general. Thanks to Washington leadership, this is changing for the better.

For example, the Brookings Institution’s Center on Regulation and Markets lists about 150 Trump administration deregulation initiatives completed or under way affecting the environment, telecom, finance, housing, health, agriculture, labor and education.

Supreme Court

Two excellent choices have been made to the Supreme Court plus hundreds of lower court judges as well. This will have a long-term impact on the future and the importance of following the Constitution. We want our judges upholding the Constitution, not writing legislation from the bench.


Most Americans have a positive attitude about our country. We believe in our future and what we can accomplish by working together. Unfortunately, this attitude is not reflected by much of the media. They try to find fault with each success that is made.

My suggestion to all of us is to maintain a positive attitude. Johnny Mercer, the song writer, expressed it well:

“We must accentuate the positive,  Eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. in between.”


Great things are happening in America. The economy is booming. People have more money to spend. Couple that American “Can-Do” attitude with strong leadership and we have a winning formula for continued success.

Let’s keep America great!