Help Wanted. Business is Booming!!

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Employment numbers are setting records. Federal and state income taxes are exploding with dramatic increases over prior years. In short, the new tax bill is working!!!

This, coupled with reduced regulations, are favorably impacting the workplace in many ways. For example:

  • I’m seeing more and more “help wanted” signs when I’m shopping.
  • A local plumber is advertising a $5,000 signing bonus on the sides of his trucks.
  • Trucking firms are offering cash signing bonuses, too.

In short, workers have more choices, and this results in higher wages.

If you’ve been watching some of the media, you might have missed this “good news.” Why? They’re too busy trashing the President. For instance, the New York Times has at least one story a day attacking the President. Why is this?

Sixty-three million people elected Trump. He is our President. For those who don’t like him, vote a new candidate into office in two years. In the meantime, the President’s nominees should be voted on by the Senate. Let him have his team!

Democratic Party

I cannot understand the Democratic Party and its strategy of “NO!”

Not one Democrat voted for the tax bill. In contrast, their strategy was to attack the bill and its many benefits. This makes no sense. Why can’t the two parties work together and do what is best for all Americans?

The Democrats have convinced themselves they will take over the House and Senate with this “NO” approach. I think the voters will say NO to the Democrats come election day.

Americans respect “doers” and achievers. That is what Trump is doing. The progress he has made is staggering, and the voters will remember in November.

North Korea

We may have a breakthrough with North Korea. Will the Korean’s be rational and work out a deal for peace and prosperity? Only time will tell. Is it worth a try? I say yes!!

North Korea has much to gain by bringing capitalism to its country. What a success story it would be if we could end the Korean War with prosperity for all.

Let’s present a united front in the peace talks. We need to be firm on the nuclear weapons issue and eliminate this threat to peace.


Americans admire and welcome achievers. America was built on a “can do” attitude. We want our leaders to get things done…solve problems. That is the test of true leadership and that is what Trump is doing!

The Democrats would be well-served by working with him. America would be the winner.