Leadership – The Most Important Skill


What is Leadership?

Leadership is one of the most sought after skills in the world!!

The ability to achieve the right objectives, at the right time, through people!

When leadership is present, wonderful things are achieved.  Without leadership, nothing of significance occurs.

Some people confuse charisma with leadership.  Charismatic people look good and sound good, but don’t necessarily accomplish much.  In time their appeal is lost because of their lack of accomplishment.

True leaders address and solve problems.  Charismatic managers talk about problems but may not solve them.

People want to be led.  They rally to support the leader.  As a result, great things are accomplished.

Before you take a job or invest in a company, look at the leadership.  Are they solving problems or just talking about them?  Results count.  “Talk” is cheap.

True leaders don’t waste a lot of time talking about their accomplishments.  Why?  They are moving on to the next objectives.

Summary:  Leadership is always the key to success in government or private business!

Three Types of Leadership

leadership_compassIt is not enough to have just general leadership qualities. The real need is for the kind of leadership which can cope with various types of situations.

Applying one type of leadership to all people and situations isn’t effective management.

Generally speaking there are three types of leadership:

  • Democratic
  • Autocratic
  • Free Rein

Democratic Leadership

Using a democratic style of leadership allows a leader to retain control of a given situation while at the same time fully engaging the team in a common purpose.
For instance, leaders may draw ideas and suggestions from group discussions with their departments. The leader moderates, encouraging free thinking and an exchange of ideas for better ways to do things. The leader ultimately makes the decision, but the group feels it has been a part of the process and understands its role moving forward.

Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic leadership is just the opposite of democratic. These leaders tell others exactly what they want done—and assume full responsibility for the results. There is no consultation—the leader speaks and expects absolute obedience.
Leaders in this case aren’t concerned with persuasion or motivation. They are concerned only with compliance. Autocratic leadership is dictatorial in nature.

Free Rein Leadership

Free rein leadership is a useful tool with a team working toward a common goal, but at individual tasks. This style should only be used, however, with individuals who are capable of self-management. The leader’s role is to stay in the background while regularly checking progress.
A good leader will recognize when a project and team is well suited to working under this style.


It is important that leaders become accomplished in utilizing all three types of leadership styles.

Good leadership calls for flexibility and the ability to recognize which situations call for which style of leadership to achieve the best results.

What Not to Do After Your Promotion

Congratulations!!!  Imagine you’ve just been promoted from a lead technician in your department to being the department manager responsible for 45 associates.

How you approach your new opportunity will be critical to your future success.  The fact is, what you don’t do could be more important than what you actually do.

Here are three suggestions to help you achieve greater results.  Ask yourself:

  1. What are the things that only you can do and should do?
  2. What are the things that others can do and should do?
  3. What are the things that you can do, but should not do?

All the skills that have served you well at the start of your career could hold you back now.  When you move up the ladder of success you need to embrace new skills.

If you try to keep doing your old job, plus your new one, it’s like trying to sit on two chairs at the same time.  It doesn’t work.

The key to success in your new job is:

Let others do what they can do.  You must concentrate on the things that only you can do and should do!