The Three Clarities

targetTo achieve effective leadership, the leader must share the vision of what needs to be accomplished by the organization and the role each person plays in achieving these goals.

If the team doesn’t know clearly what they are trying to achieve, how will they know if they have accomplished the objective?

The leader must provide:

Clarity of Direction

  • Make sure your objectives are clear and specific. For example, “increase pre-tax profits by $3 million”, not, “increase pre-tax profits.”
  • Make sure your objectives relate to the overall strategy of the organization.
  • Limit your objectives to five or six. People cannot relate to nor remember 33 objectives.

Clarity of Organization

  • Hire the best. Make sure their values are consistent with the organization’s.
  • Have the right people in the right place, doing the right job for their skills.
  • Demand excellence and reward people for achieving it.

Make sure the team knows:

  • What it is trying to accomplish
  • What each associate’s responsibilities are in achieving the objectives.

Clarity of Measurement

Clear cut objectives permit you to determine your progress for feedback and possible action by the team. Ask yourself:

  • Are we on plan?
  • If not, why not?
  • What must we do to get back on plan?


Achieving success is not complicated. People make it complicated. Too many organizations waste time and talent working on the wrong things.

Make sure your team is working on the right things!

Providing clarity of direction, organization and measurement will help your team achieve positive results on time!