Turn Failure Into Success

success_skierEvery successful leader will encounter setbacks, when results don’t meet expectations. When this occurs, it is a true test of leadership.

Non-leaders will usually focus on blame, finding who caused the plan to fail. Leaders, in contrast, will ask themselves: Was it the plan? Faulty implementation? Or both?

A strong plan, with weak implementation may yield some successes. However, a weak plan and poor implementation has no hope of succeeding.

If there was a strong plan and weak implementation, and fault can be found with certain team members, weed them out. Poor performers are always a liability.

Good leaders put the emphasis on correction!

Failure is the time to show true leadership; to show the team that you can succeed through action


When good leaders encounter setbacks, they are like the wheat in the field which comes back even stronger when the wind blows it down.

Turn setbacks into successes with leadership.