Reflections on Our President

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Many years ago, I had the opportunity of hearing Joe Barr, the Secretary of the Treasury, give a talk on government leadership. He warned what would happen if more and more government officials had no commercial employment experience, or had never run a business. In short, he stated, “we would rue the day if our government leaders did not have commercial experience.”

Consider the striking difference in commercial backgrounds in our last two presidents and their cabinet members:

Only eight percent of the Obama cabinet had business experience. In contrast, 90% of the Trump cabinet comes from industry.

What does that mean?

  • Key objectives have been established with demanding time tables for results.
  • A “can do” attitude has been evident.
  • Regulations have been dramatically reduced.

People feel the optimism in the stock market with its soaring values. People are pleasantly surprised when they see their IRA results.

Our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annual growth was at 2% under Obama. It’s increasing to 3-4% under Trump.

In short, Trump and his leadership team are proving that



The President has had a demanding schedule going overseas to share his vision, while also greeting an endless number of leaders at the White House.

Sometimes his message has been one of “tough love”, i.e., his comments to NATO members and historic lack of financial support. Now, those governments are paying their fair share.

The President has carried a consistent message to our trading partners: “We will work with you however, it must be fair for both parties.”

The Tax Bill

The new tax bill has had a major impact on business and individual behavior.

  • More than 250 companies have provided significant cash bonuses to their employees, plus adding to their IRA’s;
  • Other companies are moving back to the USA;
  • Overseas companies are building plants in the USA.

The President

In spite of the fantastic results in his first year, the animus towards President Trump continues. His family has been criticized with complaints about Mrs. Trumps shoe selections and other worthless drivel.

I grant, Mr. Trump doesn’t always “Tweet” the right message, but I believe his actions and comments reflect his love for America.


America is booming!!! We are optimistic with a bright future. I think we should take time to celebrate our success, don’t you?

I urge the Democrats to quit being the party of “No”. We have problems that need to be solved: Immigration, terrorism, infrastructure and more. It will require the leadership of both parties to address these issues.

Let’s make America even greater. It is our country!