Reflections on the Election

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The mid-term election outcome was consistent with many voters’ expectations. The Republicans added more seats to their majority in the Senate. The Democrats now have the majority in the House of Representatives.

There is considerable speculation on what the Democrats will do with their new majority.


This is the key decision for them. If they launch a series of vindictive hearings, this will not go well by the people who elected them. Many Democratic party leaders have gone on record wanting to impeach the President, with no basis for their actions.

The “so-called” Russia probe has led nowhere. Unfortunately, many in the Democratic party are looking for headlines and not facts. The Democratic Speaker will have to provide leadership or risk voter revolt.

Election Thoughts

America’s 50% voter participation rate is dismal and disappointing. With so many critical decisions needing action, why are so many Americans sitting on the side lines?

In contrast, Australia requires its citizens to vote and they have a 90% turnout.

Election Process

Election processes are run by state and local governments. Too many make it a challenge to vote. We need more early voting, not less.

Some voting districts, including the entire state of Oregon, have adopted mail-in paper ballots only to speed up the process. Regardless the method used, election results should be available within hours, not days. Florida’s Broward County is a chronic offender in “finding” ballots after the voting is over. Why is this?

Voter Attitude

When surveyed, 50% of voters say they have lost confidence in our electoral system. Why?

With our current abilities to capture and convey data, why is our election process tied to outmoded methods that are susceptible to fraud?

Washington, DC

President Trump calls for “draining the swamp.” Indeed, it needs draining.

Our so-called leaders have forgotten the voters they serve. Thanks to the abundance of media outlets, we see one grandstanding politician after another spewing their opinions labeled as facts. Then, when they leave office, they stay in Washington to become high-paid consultants and lobbyists earning millions from the special interests.


With the election behind us, I urge both parties to SOLVE PROBLEMS!

Don’t just talk about problems.


We have a great country. Let’s build it up rather than tear it down!