Reflections on the Past and Future

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September 2017 marks the eighth anniversary of “Reflections.” Your responses over these many years has been most gratifying. Thank you for your support and input.

Let’s go down memory lane and reflect on the highs and lows over the last eight years.


The first issue dealt with the importance of communication.

“When we think of communication, we generally think of speaking, writing, sharing information. How many times have we heard the statement, “He’s a great communicator.”?

“However, there’s another side of communication, and that is listening. How many of us really listen to what a person is saying, or are we merely waiting for our turn to talk? Too many of us have “cement ears” and do not want to listen.”

Today, America is facing significant challenges because we are not communicating with each other. We need to listen more and talk less!

The communication industry—TV, newspapers, radio and the internet—are not serving their audiences well. Their biased reporting and commentary are a disgrace to all Americans. Their comments are filled with hate and misinformation. People are tuning out. In the media’s efforts to destroy others, they are destroying themselves.

Fiscal Responsibility

A common theme in “Reflections” during the last eight years has been fiscal irresponsibility. Neither party has provided fiscal leadership—just the opposite.

The deficit has doubled to $20 trillion and climbing. We can’t continue to spend $4 trillion a year and collect only $3 trillion+ in taxes. This is madness.

Taxing the rich more is not the answer. The solution is reduced spending coupled with tax reform. Let people keep more of their own money and we will have a robust economy which will lead to more tax income.


We have been living with Obamacare for seven years. It has been a disaster!!

Both parties need to solve this problem. Going to a “single payer” is not the answer. It will lead to less health care and more costs.


One bright spot during the last eight years has been energy development. Thanks to fracking and the expanded natural gas supply, we have become an energy powerhouse again. This has resulted in significantly lower costs for gasoline and natural gas.

The prior government did everything in their power to halt or interfere with our energy development. Private industry made it happen.


The November 2016 elections were a major victory for the Republican party. They now have a majority in the House, and Senate, plus the White House.

However, many were disappointed with this outcome. These people—both Democrats and Republicans—refuse to accept the outcome. They are committed to blocking the President and his agenda, much to the detriment of the American people.

Civil Disobedience

We have been confronted with all forms of civil disobedience. People marching in the streets, chanting their slogans of hate, coupled with destructive acts of violence. Law officers have been killed and wounded. When will this madness end??

The press has added to the rancor with their biased “reporting.” They should report the facts, not their opinions. Don’t give these hate groups publicity!


As I have said for these last eight years, America has a choice to make. Stop the actions of self-destruction. Start working together to build America

I urge you to speak out. Communicate with your leaders. Tell them you want results…NOW!!! Tell Congress to stay in session until we solve healthcare and tax reform. Remind them, they work for us!