Regulations Against Prosperity Must End

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ball-and-chainThe key to more high-paying jobs and greater prosperity for all is

Plentiful supplies of low cost energy!!!

Thanks to the fracking industry and the ability to drill on private and state property, we have achieved our energy needs in spite of the federal government’s efforts to block fracking success.

Arguments against fracking have been met with convincing evidence to the contrary.

Drinking Water

Fracking opponents have claimed drinking water was being contaminated. The EPA did a study and found fracking has NO significant impact on drinking water. They reluctantly published the results.


The latest challenge comes via the Endangered Species Act.

The government claims the Greater Sage Grouse is threatened. “The bird’s numbers have dropped precipitously in recent years,” the government claims.

As is their practice, no hard numbers are shared, nor is there scientific data available for review. Nevertheless, the government wants to shut down drilling in 14 western states covering 165 million acres. Beyond fracking, these regulations would have a major negative impact on farming and ranching as well.

Wind Energy

Is the government’s concern about birds consistent? You be the judge.

A Wildlife Society bulletin in 2013 stated wind turbines kill 573,000 birds and 880,000 bats each year in the USA. A 2008 study in Northern California estimated that the Altamont Wind Facility killed 60 Golden Eagles a year plus other Raptors.

But, here the government tried to give the wind-energy companies a “free pass”. They wanted a 30-year extension to continue their killing ways. Fortunately, a judge turned them down.

Are the EPA and other government agencies only concerned about birds when their proposed rules support their political agenda?

Methane Gas

The EPA now wants to reduce methane gas emissions by the oil and gas industry by 45% by 2025.

A few facts:

  • OSHA does not list any exposure threshold for methane, nor does it list any long term effects from exposure;
  • Most man-made sources of methane are from cow flatulence;
  • Wetlands cause 80% of naturally occurring methane, followed by leakage from ocean surfaces.


The government continues to bombard industry with more and more regulations. Why do they want to limit our prosperity?

These new regulations have high costs with very limited net benefits.

Americans are fed up. Enough of these prosperity-killing regulations!

Let’s build our success.

America is a great country. Tell Washington to roll-back harmful and needless regulations.