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LEAPP Ahead Workshop

Focusing on Leadership, Empathy and the Power of Persuasion, the LEAPP Ahead Workshop offers easy-to-use tips that any business person or student can implement to boost productivity and profits in their organization. This program lasts 25 minutes.

LEAPP II – Building Blocks for Success

This program examines key traits of successful entrepreneurs and strong leaders. Do you have what it takes? Topics include: grit, how to make good decisions, when not to act like an executive, and other effective leadership skills. This program lasts 22 minutes.

Mr. K’s Clarities & Values

This program provides a brief history of Ewing Kauffman and the powerful, common-sense principles he used to help make Marion Laboratories the hottest stock on Wall Street and one of the most admired companies in the U.S. This program lasts 22 minutes.

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