Business School Testimonials

“Thank you so much for taking time to come to Rockhurst University and talk to our class. Your story is inspiring and motivating to do greater and kinder things in life. I enjoyed listening to your wise words and suggestions and learning about leadership.”

Ani Mamisashvili
Rockhurst University Student


“On behalf of our Marketing Capstone class, we wanted to say how much we appreciated your presentation. We found tremendous value and inspiration in the words you spoke. We greatly value the years of experience you have shared and we hope we can one day be as successful and kind hearted as you. Thank you so much!”

Marketing Capstone Class
Rockhurst University


“Thank you so much for sharing your program with our Listening Class at Rockhurst University.  We learned a lot.”

Laura Janusik
Rockhurst University


“Thank you for your wonderful presentation and charismatic personality. Your emphasis on empathy will be very helpful in furthering our learning in the business school. Also, thank you for your great life advice!”

Sydney Hunter, Cara Owen, Sydney Drystal
Rockhurst University Students


“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to speak to our business class at Rockhurst University. You’re kind words really were moving. This may sound cliché, but the presentation you gave was really inspirational.”

Sean Conway, Collin Fischer, Sean Dotson
Rockhurst University Students


“The evaluations for the program that Jim McGraw was the keynote presenter for was one of the highest rated programs we’ve had for our small business group at KCKCC.  It was a pleasure hearing the lessons learned and the great legacy that Mr. K left to the Kansas City community. Jim gave tremendous insight and people walked away with a better perspective about sales and working with customers. I appreciate the work that Jim put forth to make this event a success and we look forward to working with Jim again so that others can benefit from his great lessons and insights.”

Jay Matlack
Kansas City Kansas Community College


“Jim’s presentation was perfect for students. It was such a nice mix of essential selling skills blended with a bird’s eye view into an incredibly successful company. To top that off, it was presented by an individual who was clearly interested in each and every student in the room.”

Barbara Millard
Associate Professor, Business Entrepreneurship
Johnson County Community College


“I wanted to thank you for speaking at our Managerial Communications class at Rockhurst University. I greatly enjoyed your presentation on leadership and hearing some stories about your time working with Mr. K.”

Phil Bennett, M.S.E.
Admission Counselor, Office of Freshman Admission
Rockhurst University


“Thank you for being a guest speaker at our Rockhurst MBA class on Monday, August 26th and also for the learning materials you so generously provided.  Your leadership presentation was insightful, dynamic, and timely, as we are all beginning our MBA studies.  The ethical aspects of your lecture (treating others as you want to be treated, sharing with those who produce the results, and giving back to society) greatly impressed me and I will keep your teachings as a guide for my future business endeavors. Again, thank you for your generosity in helping students!”

Sue Allen, Student
Rockhurst University MBA Program


“I want to thank you for speaking to our class about you, and your advice for our future. I really took to heart what you said about working for a great company, and not just an “ok” company. I really want to make a difference in this world, and I will always remember your presentation. Please let me know if you ever speak in a public venue because I am always curious to hear and listen to people like you.”

Kevin Heùbel, Student
Rockhurst University MBA Program


“Jim, thank for helping Rockhurst and the Helzberg School by being part of the very successful selling class November 1. My son Tom enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation. He said you added a lot of wisdom for the students to think about. Many see selling as a dirty word but persuasion is a skill that they all value and when you think that selling is persuasion then they see the light. I still have your Skills and Success Book out right next to the Ewing Kauffman’s and Barnett Helzberg’s books where students can see them. I thank you and wish you well.”

Thomas L. Lyon PhD
Helzberg School of Management
Rockhurst University


“Your presentation was one of the best I have ever seen.  It was so inspiring to me, especially because I want to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales.”

Linda Scola
Student, Helzberg School of Management
Rockhurst University


“I really enjoyed your thoughts around the importance of integrity and empathy.  Thanks for all you are doing to contribute to area schools and upcoming generations.”

Katie Swank
Helzberg School of Management
Rockhurst University


“Thank you for coming to Pittsburg State University to speak about leadership development. Your words on executive restlessness really stuck with me. I believe this will be beneficial in many of my future decisions. ”

Anthony Groves
Pittsburg State University