The Circus is Over

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It was hard not to be exposed to the recent Supreme Court hearings.

There were very strong opinions on both sides. I am not intending to favor one side or another, however, I would like to share some “process issues” that provoked a lot of comments, feelings and opinions.


There was little civility shown in the hearings. Just the opposite. Too many comments showed strong political bias rather than a search for the facts. Too much grand standing; little sincere questioning.

Presumed innocence

Too many Senators tried to make the case that we must change our philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty to “Guilty until proven innocent.” This is a very dangerous thought that could have far-reaching outcomes. We must not change our concepts of fairness for a short-term political benefit.

Public vs. private hearings

Many make the case that private hearings would reduce the grand-standing of some Members. However, this would deny citizens that right to know the candidate or the issues. Public hearings provide information to be shared, provided more decorum is exhibited by the Senators. The chairman must have the right to control the Members if their comments become too politically motivated.

Term limits

The actions of many Senators make a strong case for term limits. How many years should one serve in the Senate? Is 12 years or two terms enough?

The founders’ model was to serve the government and then to return to civilian life. They did not want it to be a full-time job forever. Food for thought!


The ability of citizens to assemble, protest, and to make their wishes known is a vital American right. However, one must be orderly and respectful of opposing points of view. No one has the right to destroy property and/or injure others in their zeal.

Interiors of governments buildings should be off limits. Hearing rooms and the Senate chambers aren’t the place for emotional out-bursts. No one has the right to accost government officials or impede their passage.

Believe in your cause but respect other view points as well.


  • We must respect the opinions of others and act with civility to all that are involved.
  • We must maintain the standard of “innocent until proven guilty.”
  • In short, believe in your cause but also remember and respect our American value system.

We have the greatest country in the world. Let’s keep it that way.

Be Kind—Be Civil—Be American.