We Must Stop Illegal Drugs

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The use of illegal drugs is a tragedy for America. Deaths continue to increase dramatically year after year.

The problem is not going away. The major drug—heroinis now being supplemented by Fentanyl, a more powerful opioid. A dangerous form of synthetic marijuana is now available with tragic results.

We must stop this flow of illegal drugs now.

Here is one solution that works!

The bulk of illegal drugs come into our country via our southern border. In practice, we have an “open door policy” for drugs and people entering the U.S. We must secure our borders. This is the number one issue for most voters. They want action. The problem is growing!!

Why can’t we get something done?

Politicians would rather have the issue as a talking point. However, what we need is action.

Thousands are dying each week, while Congress looks the other way. This lack of leadership must stop…NOW!

President Trump has provided strong support for a barrier on our southern border plus more border agents. Why can’t we get something done???

Republicans talk about doing something about our border, but nothing happens. Why? They want cheap labor.

The Democrats oppose strong border control because they feel the bulk of the illegal immigrants will vote Democratic when they become citizens.


At one time both parties supported a physical border fence. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 was introduced in Congress on September 13 of that year. It passed within two weeks. It called for construction of a barrier from San Diego to Yuma, AZ. The fence has been effective in controlling illegal drugs and immigration, especially in the San Diego area.

The current limited barrier needs to be upgraded and expanded to be effective.


We have a drug epidemic in our country. People are dying by the thousands. Millions more are affected by the scourge of illegal drugs. The supply of cheap illegal drugs must be stopped.

A border wall, plus more border guards, will be a potent force to cut off supply while also helping stem the tide of illegal immigrants.

Write your Congressman and Senators. Demand that they take the necessary steps now to control our borders. To ignore this solution for political purposes Is beyond comprehension.