Where’s the Leadership in Congress?

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I define “leadership” as the ability to achieve the right objectives, on time, through people.

When we look at the lack of results in Congress, we are seeing a lack of leadership.

The Republicans had seven years to develop a health care bill to replace Obamacare. What happened? They came up with a “replacement” that only 17% of Americans supported.

Granted, healthcare is a complicated issue. There are no quick fixes. After all, healthcare represents 1/6th of our entire economy, and unless it is controlled, it will get larger.

Democrats and other liberals view health care as a “right.” In their view, they want the best care, on demand, with little or no cost. Experience tells us you can’t have all three. It all comes down to “cost.” Little or no cost means someone else is going to pay for it.

A major problem for any reform is that many members of the public have unrealistic expectations on what they should pay for their health care.


Any attempt to working out a solution must be bi-partisan. The work must be done behind closed doors, with a commitment to solve problems not score political points. The client is the Citizens of the United States, not the political parties.


The first step toward a solution is listening to the people. Members of Congress and the White House must understand how a $5,000 deductible policy impacts the user. If your spouse needs an operation, the hospital demands upfront payment prior to surgery. How many people have $5,000 for such a down payment?

Grand Strategy

Forget a “Three-Part Plan” that uses reconciliation as a vehicle for reform. Few Americans trust Congress to pass Phases 2 or 3.

Instead, develop one “grand bill” that includes all phases of healthcare that need to be changed. This will require 60 votes in the Senate. If the bill is a good one, enough Democrats will support it and help pass it.

There is already general agreement among Americans that they want a choice on how they want to be covered. They want to:

  • Purchase insurance across state lines which leads to lower costs;
  • Permit children to stay on their parents’ plan to age 26;
  • Protect themselves against a major illness;
  • Have health savings accounts to cover routine doctor visits and minor expenses; and

Congressional leaders must sit down together, identify points they can agree on and build from there. The American people demand results!!! We are sick of this endless bickering. We deserve leadership!!!


Healthcare is a life or death issue. People are rightly concerned that a major health issue could bring financial disaster. Congress must come together and provide the leadership to solve this major issue.

Write your Congressman/woman today and demand results!